2d and 3d productivity tools for design, drafting and documentation

Intelligent walls, doors and windows interact with each other

CADSTA engine allows LISP applications to interoperate with AutoCAD LT

CADSTA Arch: Architecture software for AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT

This purpose-built architectural software provides powerful 2D and 3D tools to automate much of the design process. It is specifically developed to cater to a wide range of project groups including commercial, residential, industrial and institutional. One of the main strengths of CADSTA Arch is its exceptional speed when it comes to project documentation.

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Intelligent Architectural Objects

Architectural components created by CADSTA Arch are intelligent objects that interact with each other. Creating walls, doors, and windows are as easy as selecting object styles and picking points. Standard CAD commands such as Fillet, Trim, Extend, Offset etc. can be applied to these intelligent objects. 

Productivity and Customization

CADSTA Arch represents efficiency and productivity. Elevations and cross sections can be easily generated directly from floor plans. Automatical dimensioning, simplified stair and roof design, and sun shadow diagram make design and drafting much quickier and easier. You can also run your favorite LISP applications.  >> Read more



Minimal Learning Curve with Exceptional Performance

Since the standard CAD commands apply, minimal re-training of CAD operators is needed to achieve standard functionality of the software. CADSTA Arch provides more flexibility for better design while maintaining accuracy and efficiency in documentation.

CADSTA Arch contains all the productivity enhancement features from CADSTA Elements, CADSTA Tools and CADSTA Plus. It ​has been developed to take full advantage of the latest Windows operating system. In order to achieve the modern levels of compatibility, functionality, reliability, tolerance and performance, this software is currently compatible with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT versions from 2010 to 2017. Other CADSTA Software are compatible with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT version from 2004 to 2017.

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